Friday, March 2, 2012

Change is in the Air

Well, we've got some huge changes coming....Chris' project here ended, which in itself isn't a big deal. He was on this project for 2 years, which is a record for us. However, it seems most of the work is now moving out of West Virginia altogether.....and so are we. Yep, after 3 years, we're moving back to the midwest. We're leaving next week for Missouri, where we will hang out for a few weeks. We're really looking forward to some family time that doesn't revolve around a holiday. We should have our next project within the next 2 weeks. We have a few ideas of where we will be located, but it's still up in the air right now.
So right now life has gotten abundantly busy with packing and tearful goodbyes.

And just because he is so darn cute:

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