Thursday, February 21, 2008

Psalms 139

This is a heavy blog so beware….

I run several times a week, but the other day ran a 6 miles. This is the farthest I've ever ran at one time. I run not only to keep in shape, but also because of the way it makes me feel. When I’m done I feel confident, strong, and energized just to name a few. On my way home I was thinking about how good I felt and I started thinking about how those feelings would fade. I’ll go on with my day and within a few hours the running high will be gone. Confidence is something I’ve struggled with a lot. I don’t know why, but I just do. I’ve learned through the years though to lean on God. He’s where my true confidence comes from.

I know God created me, but sometimes I don’t think about that as I should. I don’t think about the way God purposely created me. I don't think many of us do. And I often focus on my weakness as something I need to fix and as something that really holds me back. But Psalms 139:13 says that He knit me together in my mother’s womb. God thoughtfully created every part of me. He knew what my life would entail before I was born. He knew my strengths and weakness, my struggles and triumphs, yet He created me as He did. So why do I worry thinking my weakness are something I need to fix. Perhaps He created me in this specific way so He could shine through my weakness and allow them to be used for His glory.
I encourage you to read Psalm 139, it's a very powerful Psalm that really helps me grasp the very personal God we have.

Apparently Captain America knows the secret of running as well:


the Hansels said...

Love the honesty, you're not alone. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's captain America...I thought that was Chris for a minute

mom said...

I think you are beautiful and wonderful!!!!!