Monday, February 25, 2008

Time for a little History lesson

Hola amigos,
Welcome to China Town of Wichita Falls, Tejas. I know....I know....I'm chinese not mexican. I can just hear you guys now. Jillian and I took "Baby" aka Emma Liu to Lucy Park today. We stumbled upon this chinese architectural building and out of amazement and disbelieve we caught ourselves starring at this UBO (Unidentified Big Object) for 2 hours. We hurried home to start our research. According to an old Chinese legend that dates back 2000 years during the construction of The Great Wall of China. Because of the magnitude of this project the Emperor hired a 3rd party contractor to help with the construction. This 3rd party was led by Christopher Columbus and his crew on the MayFlower. The legend states that Columbus miscalculated his destination point and as a result overshot his landing. They landed off the bank of what is known today as Wichita Falls River. Thinking that they had landed in China, Columbus and his crew began to construct this magnificent chinese architectural palace.



the Hansels said...

Oh Chris, you're quite the blogger!

mom said...

is that true?? or are you making that up?