Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clarksburg, WV, Here We Come!!

Well, it's official, we're moving to Clarksburg, West Virginia! We will leave Monday and make the two day move out there! We're excited for the new adventure. We'll be 2 hours from the Pittsburgh Zoo (one of the top in the country), and there's a lot of national parks with hiking and white water rafting!!
Just pray for our trip out there, for safety, and no car sick dogs this time! (We got Marathon medicine this time!!)


the Hansels said...

I'm going to figure out how to get there sooner rather than later!!

jmenini said...

I just happened across your blog and want to congratulate you on your move to Clarksburg. (We just moved here last year).

Pittsburgh is wonderful! The zoo is great and so is the Carnegie Science Center!

Jen said...

That sounds great hoping I can come visit you all this time. I am coming if I have to come alone!!! The important questions are 1.)is there a Target? 2.)Is there Chipolte? 3.)Is there free WI FI you can bounce off of ? hahaha!!