Thursday, March 26, 2009

Contract Land Staff- Corporate Office

This week I traveled down to Houston, Texas for a 2 day meeting at the corporate office. It was about a 14 hour drive.
It was so awesome to finally meet everyone in the office. I have spoken to everyone at some point and now I can place faces with their names. Here are a couple of pictures of the office building.

P.S. I could never live in Houston. Everyone drives crazy and fast. I have never been in a rush hour traffic jam like this before. It was so bad that I didn't pay 1 of the tolls because I couldn't get over to my designated lane and was stuck in the EZPass Lane that was only for residents who pay an annual fee.

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Jen said...

Chris Wen che Liu I can't believe YOU of all people did something like that.....that was more of a Nicole thing!!!hahaha well be careful and don't text and drive!!!!

Love MOM