Monday, March 30, 2009

One Day Down!! Aaannnddd One day to go!

Well, we made our first day of travel with no problems!! Well, with the exception of my car not starting, but we got it jump started and had no more problems with that. Apparently, when we move, we have to have car here. Marathon and I ready to go!
She rode a lot with her head in between the seats, just watching everything.

Amazingly, she didn't get carsick---even riding like this for 30 minutes!!

This was my view for the day! I can't complain, though. Chris did a GREAT job driving the truck!
Well, we made it to Indianapolis and are staying at the Drury Inn. I actually got a discount as a MWSU alumni! We have a rocking room at a killer price. We got free snacks tonight and a free hot breakfast tomorrow! Which means, if we eat good, we can go without lunch!! We should be in Clarksburg by 6pm tommorrow!


Anonymous said...

:-( :-( miss you brother and sister


Jen said...

wow sounds ike it is going well .....I can't believe mara sleeping like that!!! hahahaha!! We miss you too!!!!

Chris has mad driving skills!!!!

Allison said...

You got great pics of Marathon!

Anonymous said...

love the pix of mara!!