Friday, March 13, 2009

Free Meal Anyone?!

Chris and I went grocery shopping tonight, and as so often happens, time got away from us and it was way past dinner time. I had some coupons for Hy-vee so we decided to eat there....They actually have some great chineese food and salad bar! Plus we had coupons....good idea! Right?!

So, I decide to be healthy (bikini season is right around the corner) and get the salad bar. I'm looking forward to a great salad, and tons of fresh fruit! I make me a rockin' salad with all the fixings. Imaging my surprise when I look down and see this crawling out of the salad:

Now, for those of you who don't know me well, let me tell you....I have a HUGE fear of bugs, any kind of bugs. Even if I'm out in the woods and see one, I'll usually freak! So imagine when it comes out of a salad that I'm in the process of eating!!!

Now for those of you who know me, you should be proud. After letting out a scream (quieter than the usual bug-scream) I took my tray to the cashier and explained the bug there had just crawled out of my salad. She freaked as much as I did and asked what I wanted....I think I could've gotten $1,000 worth of groceries free if I'd said it. I just stated I think I'd rather have chinese tonight. She was very nice and gave me and Chris' meals free. As I was leaving the cashier told me I could take as many candy bars as I wanted for free....and he was serious. I declined, seeing as how I was trying to have a healthy meal.

May not be the best way, but Chris and I did get a free meal out of it! Hey, we're in a recession!!

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