Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't Mess with Texas!!

10 Reasons why you shouldn't mess with Texas:

1.) Everything is bigger in Texas. Ever tried to drive across the State of Texas? Not possible.

2.) They don't just have plain ordinary hamburgers, they have WHATABURGERS.

3.) Ever been kicked by Cowboy boots? There is a reason behind the pointy toes.

4.) Ninjas use ninja stars, Texans use cactus plants.

5.) Ever seen those bumper stickers that say "My kid can beat up you honor roll student"? In Texas we have one that is similar "My state can swallow your state"

6.) Do you know why Texans are such big meat eaters? Take a look around, nothing grows in the desert.

7.) Texans have a special intuition which allows them to judge a book by its cover (by book I mean people). First impression is everything. If we get a bad vibe from you, we'll just play dumb and say "O, lo siento no hablo ingles". This is the only state you could get by with acting like you don't speak English.

8.) Apparently, Mossy Oak only works in Missouri. Camo doesn't work to well here in Texas. Secret hunting technique from the natives. Take a close look at the picture below.

Yep! That's me in the Cactus Costume. I like to blend in.

9.) Ever seen those crazy kids at the mall gliding along with their cool shoes on wheels. Yeah, there is currently a lawsuit against the manufactures for copyright infringements. This idea was stolen from the true cowboys of Texas. Boots with spurs were the first of its kind. Case in point, at the Battle of the Alamo when Indians would steal horses from the cowboys leaving them stranded. Did the cowboys just give up, no they put their heads together and created what is know today on the ice as the "Flying V" formation. According to historians, they defeated the Indians and skated there way into the history books.

10.) Most importantly because I'm here in Texas!!


Dalton said...

haha, i like your costume. i want one for Halloween.

Jen said...

that picture of you with the "don't mess with Texas reinds me of another picture of you, when you were little.