Saturday, April 26, 2008

What a Lucky Guy!!

How lucky am I?

I'm thinking about going to the casino to try my luck. My car got hit twice in one week. Getting struck by lightning was the thing in the past. Wednesday was the first time my car was attacked and today is the second time. Unfortunately, the loser that hit my car today drove off before I could get to him/her. Lucky for them. I ran inside Wally World to grab a few bare essentials, like food, toothpaste, and dog treats. When I was done shopping I went out to the parking lot in search of my car. To tell you the honest truth, I passed my car the first time and was like, "oh shoot, that sucks", not knowing at the time that was my car. Still trying to get use to the Texas plates. I went back to what I thought was someone else's car only to discover it was mine. WTH (What the Heck), that's my car!! I called the cops and the police officer came and filled a police report. He was going to check the cameras at Wal-Mart to see if he could get any type of evidence. Just our luck we only have liability on this car. Jillian and I are currently taking donations for our Scion xA Repair Foundation.


Jen said...

only liability....what??? that car is /was too nice you should carry full coverage. sorry to hear about it.

the Hansels said...

So sorry it's been one of those weeks!