Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gonna Miss Jillian!!

Just for the record. Jillian did buy me an economy size box of hot pockets so I don't starve when she is gone. But does it really count if we have been eating them all this week. I'm sure there's about half left now.

I definitely agree that you need new shoes for running if they are causing you blisters. Instead of buying a brand new pair of running shoes I think you should try running in your flip flops. I believe that will resolve a lot of your foot issues. Just a thought.


Jen said...

aww if I was there I would cook for you I miss having you eat the leftovers. I know you never eat when jillian is gone. Just remember Sam's club has free samples.:)

the Hansels said...

Thanks for letting her come Chris, you have no idea how much this will help us!! Also, we can get her some new running flip flops while she is here :)

Dalton said...

hhhhhhotttttt poocket. cooked in a dirty microwave, and served frozen in the middle, or you can have it boiling lava hot, it won't burn your mouth it will DESTROY it.