Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shameless Promoting

I figure I need to get the most out of this blog so I should probably tell you about an amazing product from Arbonne.

I love the Intelligence line of skin care products. As most of you know, I have extremely sensitive skin so if I can use it it's got to be great! I noticed a difference in my skin after only 2 days of using the line. My skin is smoother and the redness in my complextion has even faded. Not to mention that it really clears up acne!
I would love for you to use this product and get the same benefits that I have! Sooo, as an added bonus when you buy the Intelligence Skin Care Line, I'll throw in a FREE conditioning oil. This oil does wonders anywhere you have dry skin (knees, elbows, etc.). Normally this oil costs $18 but it's yours FREE!! Also, all our products have a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. So if you don't notice a difference you can return it and get your money back!
Ask me for more info or to place your order today!
For those of you that miss me at home....Chris and I have set a goal amount of money we need in savings. He said once we've hit this goal we can move back to St. Joe. Sooo, you can help out when you order your intelligence line!

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Jen said...

well I feel like I you are being held for randsom....hahaha!
I think the stuff sounds great I was wondering if that might be good for Dalton and his acne.