Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yo, Watch Out!!

For those of you who have not heard. My car was viciously attacked yesterday. It started out as any ordinary morning. I was licked awake by Emma, got ready for work, ate my oatmeal (breakfast of champions), and got into my car. Oops, I almost forgot...........I got dressed, then got into my whip (as some of you youngsters would call it). Jillian and I live in a gated community which requires you to enter a code to enter and when existing the gate automatically opens. With that said, there was a car in front of me and one behind me (I was the cheese in this hamburger). Which is really common in the morning since everyone is trying to rush off to work. So.......I was sitting there patiently waiting for the gate to open and my turn to exit while jamming to some tunes. From the corner of my eye, I begin to notice that a car in a parking spot off to my right begins to prowl. I was thinking in my head "Oh no, you better not, you better not". FYI, when someone is ferociously honking like a crazy maniac, that usually means they want your attention. It doesn't mean "speed up, oh someone is trying to attack me". Anyways, obviously the guy thought he was going to get car-jacked or something cuz he sped up a little and tears into my car. I thought to myself "Chris, do not get out your 9M from your dash, just go out there and talk to him". I got out and see this old man, roughly 70's and he was confused, he didn't know what had happened. I think he thought I ran into him. That is actually impossible considering the point of impact on my car. A picture of my car with the damage is below. See for yourself.


Chris: Are you alright? Your glasses are fogged.

Crazy Guy: Yeah, it does that sometimes.

Chris: Oh, okay? (thinking to myself: that's why you didn't see me behind you, aaaauuuggggg!!!!)

Crazy Guy: What happened?

Chris: You backed into me.

Crazy Guy: Man, I really got you good.

Chris: Let's see if it damaged your car. (Of course not, he was driving a big Cadalliac Escalade)

Who picks a fight with a little Scion anyways?

Crazy Guy: No, my cars good.

Chris: Well, let me get your contact and insurance information.

Crazy Guy: Sorry about your car, have a good day.

Chris: I think not!!


After the Attack:

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Jen said...

NOOOOO!!!! I can relate I too have been attacked well not me personally but my old Corolla. By a high school kid!!!! Totalled it I was so augggggg!!! as you would say. :/ sorry to hear about it hope he has a good insurance company. (I so enjoy reading yours and Jillians posts)