Monday, April 7, 2008


I've seen this in email forwards and on myspace and thought it looked fun! Here are 7 strange things you may not know about me.

1. I talk in my sleep....I mean a lot! You can even carry on a conversation with me. It may not make sense, but it can be done!

2. When I'm sick I watch Mulan....always. I camp out on the couch and pop it in. I'll watch it over and over until I'm better.

3. It was tradition that at prom the senior class voted each of the junior class as most likely.... I was voted most likely to have the most chineese babies. I haven't fufilled that yet but nobody else has any so I think my time will come.

4. I'm terrified of certain bugs. Most people think all bugs...but I'm extremely terrified of water bugs and spiders.

5. I walk through/jump in puddles. When it rains I can't walk around...I always walk through them.

6. Though I walk through them, one of my pet peeves is when the bottom of my jeans gets wet. I have to roll them up until I can put dry ones on.

7. I go crazy if I have too much sugar. Not just a little hyper, but 12 shots of expresso hyper... And when this happens I can actually make my eyes do this crazy-fast side-to-side thing. Lucky for you I've learned to pace myself when sugar is involved.

I tag Jennifer and Erin to do their seven!!

Coming soon.....Chris' seven.


Jen said...

I did it check mine out. It isn't as good as yours or chris's. Mine is boring. wait that means I am boring.

the Hansels said...

I really don't know seven things... but I'll try!

the Hansels said...

So was it having too much sugar that made you throw raquetballs at me so much?

Dalton said...

Hey, i didn't know you were afraid of spiders and bugs, though a lot of people are, this might help you overcome your fear.

or this