Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Day at the Park!

The weather has so great the last few days. Jett and I got out today to enjoy it! We spent a while at the park then went for a nice, long walk!
This is Jett's favorite game at the park:
I build the sand tower.....

Aaanndd he knocks it down!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is Scary!!!

Ever get that freaky feeling that you're being watched. Kinda like in the movies. I like to take Emma out for a walk around the apartment complex when I get off of work so she can get out of the house for a while. I often get that funky vibe like someone is following me. And what's even more frustrating is when that vibe kicks in you quickly turn around to catch a glimpse of the stalker and no one is there. How do they do that I often wonder? Well, living in an apartment complex that thought crosses my mind daily. I am very vulnerable without my ninja gear.
Everyone knows that Jillian is in Colorado for a couple of weeks. It's just Emma and I hanging out at our bachelor pad. She watches out for me and I watch out for me too. Haha, Emma no one is watching out for you!
Once upon a cloudy silent night, when there wasn't a star flickering in the sky. I began to get every paranoid cuz that's usually when the crazies come out. Yes, Nicole the Central Crazies! Of course mom, I close all the blinds in the house so no one is able to look in. I go into my bedroom to finish folding my clothes and all the sudden I hear Emma barking like someone is trying to get in the house. Oh no I thought, I don't have time to put on my ninja gear. Forget it, I don't have time. By the time I get my ninja gear on, everything in the house will be gone. So, I did what ninjas do and did a flying somersault followed by a flying crouching fiery tornado sweep kick into the living room to scare away the burglars. Come to find out, it was just a peeping Tom, except her name wasn't Tom it was Nancy. She was just trying to see if anyone was home so she could sell me some girl scout cookies. What ever happened to setting up a stand outside of Wal-Mart?
Unfortunately for her, she didn't get a round-house kick to the face. I was just glad it wasn't a burglar and just an innocent girl. Luckily for her I bought the whole box of cookies. I mean, how could you be mad. Just look at those puppy eyes.
See picture below:

Monday, April 28, 2008

Jillian's 7 Continued...

Apparently I have a lot of strange things.....

1. I was very accident prone as a child....I often fell down the stairs, especially our cement basement stairs. Then my mom would have to call the dr and put a tape line on the floor that I had to walk repeatedly to prove I didn't have a concussion.

2. When I see a camera just sitting I can't help but to take a scary picture of myself.....see below:

3. Allison and I slept in the same bed through high school. No, there was not a shortage of beds in my house. We actually lived in a massive 7 bedroom house and we both had our own huge, dream bedrooms. But each night one of us would crawl into the other's bed (usually I into hers) and we would fall asleep talking about boys and friends and school.

4. I can't stand to eat a popsickle with a wooden stick...I'll eat some, but leave a safe amount of ice cream between me and the wood. I also can't eat or taste off a wooden spoon

5. I talk to out loud, and I do it daily and often. Erin seemed really disturbed by this when I told her the other day. I actually didn't think it was so strange but judging by her extreme reaction it may be a little weird...

Well I didn't get 7 things this time, but I've probably disclosed enough for now....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What a Lucky Guy!!

How lucky am I?

I'm thinking about going to the casino to try my luck. My car got hit twice in one week. Getting struck by lightning was the thing in the past. Wednesday was the first time my car was attacked and today is the second time. Unfortunately, the loser that hit my car today drove off before I could get to him/her. Lucky for them. I ran inside Wally World to grab a few bare essentials, like food, toothpaste, and dog treats. When I was done shopping I went out to the parking lot in search of my car. To tell you the honest truth, I passed my car the first time and was like, "oh shoot, that sucks", not knowing at the time that was my car. Still trying to get use to the Texas plates. I went back to what I thought was someone else's car only to discover it was mine. WTH (What the Heck), that's my car!! I called the cops and the police officer came and filled a police report. He was going to check the cameras at Wal-Mart to see if he could get any type of evidence. Just our luck we only have liability on this car. Jillian and I are currently taking donations for our Scion xA Repair Foundation.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I do believe Jett might just be part monkey....

Yo, Watch Out!!

For those of you who have not heard. My car was viciously attacked yesterday. It started out as any ordinary morning. I was licked awake by Emma, got ready for work, ate my oatmeal (breakfast of champions), and got into my car. Oops, I almost forgot...........I got dressed, then got into my whip (as some of you youngsters would call it). Jillian and I live in a gated community which requires you to enter a code to enter and when existing the gate automatically opens. With that said, there was a car in front of me and one behind me (I was the cheese in this hamburger). Which is really common in the morning since everyone is trying to rush off to work. So.......I was sitting there patiently waiting for the gate to open and my turn to exit while jamming to some tunes. From the corner of my eye, I begin to notice that a car in a parking spot off to my right begins to prowl. I was thinking in my head "Oh no, you better not, you better not". FYI, when someone is ferociously honking like a crazy maniac, that usually means they want your attention. It doesn't mean "speed up, oh someone is trying to attack me". Anyways, obviously the guy thought he was going to get car-jacked or something cuz he sped up a little and tears into my car. I thought to myself "Chris, do not get out your 9M from your dash, just go out there and talk to him". I got out and see this old man, roughly 70's and he was confused, he didn't know what had happened. I think he thought I ran into him. That is actually impossible considering the point of impact on my car. A picture of my car with the damage is below. See for yourself.


Chris: Are you alright? Your glasses are fogged.

Crazy Guy: Yeah, it does that sometimes.

Chris: Oh, okay? (thinking to myself: that's why you didn't see me behind you, aaaauuuggggg!!!!)

Crazy Guy: What happened?

Chris: You backed into me.

Crazy Guy: Man, I really got you good.

Chris: Let's see if it damaged your car. (Of course not, he was driving a big Cadalliac Escalade)

Who picks a fight with a little Scion anyways?

Crazy Guy: No, my cars good.

Chris: Well, let me get your contact and insurance information.

Crazy Guy: Sorry about your car, have a good day.

Chris: I think not!!


After the Attack:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Maggie

As you all know, I'm in Colorado for Erin's baby's birth......

Yesterday baby Maggie Hansel made her appearance. Erin did a great job, and they're both doing great! I'm so honored to have been a part of eveything! Check out Erin's blog for more pics, stats, and all the info!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Today is the day!!

So, Erin's officially in labor...She's doing great and is so strong! I'll keep you posted and put pictures up when she arrives!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yesterday we went to Estes Park and Rocky Mountan National Park. We did a little shopping then I got a real taste of the mountains. It's absolutely beautiful!! No baby yet...but I'll keep you posted!

He works pretty hard to avoid direct eye contact with me...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gonna Miss Jillian!!

Just for the record. Jillian did buy me an economy size box of hot pockets so I don't starve when she is gone. But does it really count if we have been eating them all this week. I'm sure there's about half left now.

I definitely agree that you need new shoes for running if they are causing you blisters. Instead of buying a brand new pair of running shoes I think you should try running in your flip flops. I believe that will resolve a lot of your foot issues. Just a thought.

A few updates...'s what has been and will be going on in our lives...

  • I leave tomorrow for Colorado....I can't wait to see Erin, Bob, Jett, and baby girl Hansel. It'll be a blast to see co too, seeing as how i've never been outside the airport!
  • For those of you who know Chris all too well, don't worry....I've been cooking lots so he has plenty of leftovers and I got him an economy size box of hot pockets. So he should eat while I'm gone
  • I just got offered a job at the college here....I don't know what it is, but I know a girl down here who is moving and she thought of me as her replacement. It's just 16 hours per week and I set my own hours. It'll give me a chance to get out and meet people and hopefully build my Arbonne business more....I'll keep you updated on what comes of it.
  • After my run today I now have 4 blisters on my toes (that's four on each foot=8 total)....I think it's time for new running shoes!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't Mess with Texas!!

10 Reasons why you shouldn't mess with Texas:

1.) Everything is bigger in Texas. Ever tried to drive across the State of Texas? Not possible.

2.) They don't just have plain ordinary hamburgers, they have WHATABURGERS.

3.) Ever been kicked by Cowboy boots? There is a reason behind the pointy toes.

4.) Ninjas use ninja stars, Texans use cactus plants.

5.) Ever seen those bumper stickers that say "My kid can beat up you honor roll student"? In Texas we have one that is similar "My state can swallow your state"

6.) Do you know why Texans are such big meat eaters? Take a look around, nothing grows in the desert.

7.) Texans have a special intuition which allows them to judge a book by its cover (by book I mean people). First impression is everything. If we get a bad vibe from you, we'll just play dumb and say "O, lo siento no hablo ingles". This is the only state you could get by with acting like you don't speak English.

8.) Apparently, Mossy Oak only works in Missouri. Camo doesn't work to well here in Texas. Secret hunting technique from the natives. Take a close look at the picture below.

Yep! That's me in the Cactus Costume. I like to blend in.

9.) Ever seen those crazy kids at the mall gliding along with their cool shoes on wheels. Yeah, there is currently a lawsuit against the manufactures for copyright infringements. This idea was stolen from the true cowboys of Texas. Boots with spurs were the first of its kind. Case in point, at the Battle of the Alamo when Indians would steal horses from the cowboys leaving them stranded. Did the cowboys just give up, no they put their heads together and created what is know today on the ice as the "Flying V" formation. According to historians, they defeated the Indians and skated there way into the history books.

10.) Most importantly because I'm here in Texas!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

True Conversation between me and a sales girl....

Sales Girl: (Looking at my drivers license) Oh, you're from Missouri!!
Me: Yep...
Sales Girl: that's great, I grew up in missouri!
Me: oh, that's neat, where are you from?
Sales Girl: Joplin. I loved Missouri, and I really want to move back there. Where do you live?
Me: St. Joseph
Sales Girl: Oh wow...the Capital! How neat!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Peer Preassure

So whenever a new style comes out I always go on about how ugly it is and how I'll never where that. But usually, I finally get on board. Today was one of those days. I've made fun of the big purses for a long big, goddy and ugly they are. However Chris and I where shopping today in Dallas and I couldn't help myself.....that's right I bought one of those big, ugly, goddy purses.

Friday, April 11, 2008

FYI #2.....

Apparently geese can hiss.....Should you release your miniature dachshund to chase the geese to her hearts content they will stare back and hiss like a cat.

6 Days.....

And counting until I'm in Colorado with Erin! It's been about a year since I've seen her in I'm super excited! Not to mention I'm also excited to see Jett and the new baby!

So...this is the only picture I have on my laptop of Erin...Jett and Eli are fighting over the rubik's cube...haha!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shameless Promoting

I figure I need to get the most out of this blog so I should probably tell you about an amazing product from Arbonne.

I love the Intelligence line of skin care products. As most of you know, I have extremely sensitive skin so if I can use it it's got to be great! I noticed a difference in my skin after only 2 days of using the line. My skin is smoother and the redness in my complextion has even faded. Not to mention that it really clears up acne!
I would love for you to use this product and get the same benefits that I have! Sooo, as an added bonus when you buy the Intelligence Skin Care Line, I'll throw in a FREE conditioning oil. This oil does wonders anywhere you have dry skin (knees, elbows, etc.). Normally this oil costs $18 but it's yours FREE!! Also, all our products have a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. So if you don't notice a difference you can return it and get your money back!
Ask me for more info or to place your order today!
For those of you that miss me at home....Chris and I have set a goal amount of money we need in savings. He said once we've hit this goal we can move back to St. Joe. Sooo, you can help out when you order your intelligence line!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Smoke Alarms

I know Jennifer, you always want to make sure our smoke detectors are working....They may work too good here. I think I've set them off at least once a week since we moved here. Tonight the culprit was garlic bread...

Monday, April 7, 2008


Here are 8 things you may not know about me:

1. I am a runner. I love to run....or I did when I had spare time. In high school we had a track meet at William Jewell College. Yeah, pretty cool being able to run on a nice college track, but the not so cool part was our transportation getting there. Yep, you've guessed it, it was a short bus. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and turn a negative situation into a positive one. I look at it this way, that day I got more hugs from chicks than I normally would have. Most people I know use dogs to train with by putting meat in there back pocket and having their dog chase them. I wanted to be more original so I hired a native indian to chase me with his crazy bow staff skills.

2. I have this crazy habit, I blame it on my OCD. I have precisely calculated the number of swipes of deodorant to put on each arm pit to maximize its highest odor protecting potential. Of course weather, temperature, and my estimated daily activity is calculated into my strategical formula.

3. I used to live with my grandparents in Taiwan on the mountain. I had some great memories. This one day, my cousins all came up to hang with me. Of course when a bunch of boys get together there will always be competition. Who can run the fastest, jump the highest, eat the fastest, or my personal favorite....who can spit the watermelon seed the farthest. We all lined up on the ledge of the cliff and took turns. Ready..........Set.............Go.............Ahhhhhhhh!! Yep, that was me. I had leaned back to get the maximum leverage to spit the seed the farthest. I ran up and totally gave it all I had and leaned forward with all my might, literally. I fell off the mountain and was grabbing on for dear life. My grandpa ran in and quickly grabbed a rope. He threw it down and pulled me up. Needless to say I won out of pity.

4. How many of you guys out there have to throw your clothes in the dryer before putting them on? Come on......I know I'm not the only one!!

5. I often compare myselt to Uncle Jesse from Full House. My hair is always perfect. My secret is L.A. Looks Styling Gel. Every time I go to Wally World for hair gel it becomes an adventure. What should take only a matter of seconds to pickup becomes an hour long exploration. I find myself looking at each and every hair gel making sure that I've still got the best gel.

6. This is kind of embarrassing!! If Jillian is out of town or gone for a couple of days. I find myself not eating, I mean.... at all. She does all the cooking and I do all the eating. That's why we are a great couple.

7. Traffic in Taiwan is awful. It is so populated. Taiwan is a little itty bitty country with millions of people crammed into it. Streets are always lined up with parked cars. One day I was out riding my bike with my cousin, Enrique. I was in front because I was the alpha male and he was following me. He shouted something at me and of course I could not hear him because I used Herbal Essence that morning and my fantastic hair was flapping in the breeze. I turned around to see what he wanted and before I knew it I ran into a parked car and took out its side mirror. I quickly got back onto my bike and rode away.

8. No matter where I go, who I'm with, or what I wear. I'm often mistaken as a Mexican. I've had Mexicans come up to me saying "Hey, man I see you are Mexican" or just people coming up and saying "Hola". Sometimes you just have to just go with the flow and just say "Si".


I've seen this in email forwards and on myspace and thought it looked fun! Here are 7 strange things you may not know about me.

1. I talk in my sleep....I mean a lot! You can even carry on a conversation with me. It may not make sense, but it can be done!

2. When I'm sick I watch Mulan....always. I camp out on the couch and pop it in. I'll watch it over and over until I'm better.

3. It was tradition that at prom the senior class voted each of the junior class as most likely.... I was voted most likely to have the most chineese babies. I haven't fufilled that yet but nobody else has any so I think my time will come.

4. I'm terrified of certain bugs. Most people think all bugs...but I'm extremely terrified of water bugs and spiders.

5. I walk through/jump in puddles. When it rains I can't walk around...I always walk through them.

6. Though I walk through them, one of my pet peeves is when the bottom of my jeans gets wet. I have to roll them up until I can put dry ones on.

7. I go crazy if I have too much sugar. Not just a little hyper, but 12 shots of expresso hyper... And when this happens I can actually make my eyes do this crazy-fast side-to-side thing. Lucky for you I've learned to pace myself when sugar is involved.

I tag Jennifer and Erin to do their seven!!

Coming soon.....Chris' seven.

Friday, April 4, 2008


So, I'm officially an Arbonne Consultant. I wanted a job that was flexible with wherever we moved to and I could set my own hours. And I found it! Arbonne has plant based skincare and make-up along with weight loss products and vitamens. The products are all natural, which is great for people like me who have sensitive skin. And the products are amazing....they work really well!
If you want to learn more about the products or becoming a consultant yourself let me know! Also, I'll be back in st. joe for several weeks in June so book your party now! All you need is 4-5 people to come over and I'll do the rest. If you host the party in your home you can earn all kinds of great, free stuff!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Beautiful Wife and I

For those of you dedicated Blog readers who stay updated with our day to day adventures. Jillian included a picture of us two dancing in her Camp Rainbow entry. Just in case some of you do not know what we look like, check out the picture. I am not usually that pale but that summer the sun hardly came out. What a cute couple, huh?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


When you're going through the tolls between Oklahoma and Texas there are exact change only lanes so you can throw your change and get through quicker. Don't be fooled because the sign reads "Takes 25 10 5 and 1 cent coins." If you were to throw 40 cents worth of pennies the machine will not count the pennies. Then you have to honk until the toll lady comes out and informs you that it clearly doesn't take pennies.